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Fortuna Friends Book Sale July 26

Headed down Fortuna way, looking for a few good books and book covers. The Fortuna Friends are having a sale this July 26: .col_wildwest2

FRL Buck-A-Bag Book Sale Needs a Few Friends

BUCK A BAG SALE FLYERThe Friends of the Redwood Libraries is having its Annual Buck-A-Bag Book Sale on August 8 (for FRL Members) and August 9 (open to public). We need your help to make the Buck-A-Bag Sale a fabulous success.

We are looking for volunteers to help set up and breakdown the book sale in the garage and the meeting room. Moderate good will, dependability, strength and stamina would be nice.

The meeting room is set up August 7 from 8 am to 12 noon.
The garage is set up August 8 from 8am to 10am

The meeting room and garage break down is 8/12 from 8 am to 12 pm.

We are also looking for volunteers to manage the desks Read more …

Quilt & Crafts On Sale 25 Cents

jul8craftsaleThrough the end of July, all Serendipity Quilt and Crafts Books just 25 Cents! Values up to $3! On the Serendipity Book Store ‘Specials’ table, just outside the Serendipity Book Store, and inside the Serendipity Book Store.

Serendipity Store Tour 1e

serendip04And finally, to the left of the Serendipity door, is our Coffee Table Spinner. It is always a challenge to display large books and small books so they have a chance to be properly appreciated, cherished, and bought. The spinner is the temporary home for plus size books, usually for about a month, picked by the staff as deserving a shot to find a home. As always the picks are eclectic, and usually aggressively priced. We do what we can to make these books irresistible. Nobody wins when they go to recycle.

That is the end of the Serendipity Tour, Part 1. We almost made it in the door. And now a word about our book sales. Read more …

Children’s Author Festival Benefit

poorofnyKeep this date free. July 26th 2014. NCRT in Eureka at 8pm. The Poor of New York, hosted by the Author Festival as a fundraiser for the 2015 Festival. Please contact me us for tickets. Only $20- which includes a reception with the cast and crew!

Your FRL Board—Ray King Bio

Your FRL Board—Ray King Bio, courtesy of Judith McGinty

frl_raypic_140426sLike all of us who volunteer with Friends of the Redwood Libraries, Ray King has had a life-long love of books. He had his first library card in the library in Dayton, Ohio. The first “chapter book” he read was Tom Swift and his Electric Locomotive. He doesn’t remember if it was the first adult book he read, but he says The Decameron by Boccaccio had a great effect on him. (Isn’t it interesting how these milestones stick with us?)

Ray and his wife, Gail, have lived in Humboldt County since “the year of the big storm that blew down a bunch of trees in Sequoia Park”. Yvonne Kassatkin, an FRL Board member and Serendipity volunteer, encouraged him to volunteer in the store, enticed him to work book sales, then delivered him to the Board. Ray is now the President of the Board of Directors of the Friends, and oversees operations in the Serendipity Book Store. He’s always on hand for the quarterly book sales, always on the lookout for new volunteers, and always looking for new ideas for getting the word out about Serendipity. Ray also publishes the bi-weekly email newsletter for Serendipity customers. You can sign up for the newsletter in the store. In addition to discount coupons it’s the place to find announcements about new donations and special offers.

Read more …

Serendipity Store Tour-Part 1d

Serendipity Store Tour-Part 1d

serendip05To the right of the door is our Books on Cassette Tape and Books on CD rack. Unlike music CDs, all Books on Media are sold as titles. Books on Cassette are just $1 a title. Books on CD are just $3 a title. At these prices it’s hard to keep them on the shelf. Almost all Books on Media are found on this cart. Occasionally a Bible on Tape may be inside Serendipity. These are hot sellers, and very popular with the ‘catch and release’ crowd. Some titles are sold many multiple times, and we are always hoping for generous donations of material to keep the merry-go-round spinning. Do you have any Books on Tape or CD you would be willing to donate? They would be greatly appreciated!

serendip06On the flip side of the cart are our ‘Old Friends’; books from the 50s and earlier. Popular in their day, they have weathered the march of time and are still capable of entertaining or informing. A mix of fiction and non-fiction, some with wonderful illustrations or photography, this is one section that is often raided by book sellers and collectors. At just $1 a book, I’m not surprised. I got my First Editions of ‘Black Boy’, ‘Native Son’, and ‘Sad Sack’ from these shelves, as well as ‘The Civil War in Pictures’. If you are willing to look beyond ‘new and shiny’, there is gold in them thar hills.

FRL Annual Meeting June 28th

victorraycheckThe meeting room in the Eureka Main Library was nearly filled to capacity for our recent Annual Meeting. Elected to serve terms beginning July 1, 2014, and ending June 30, 2016, were Eileen Hayhurst, First Vice President; Stephanie Hillman, Treasurer; Debbie Reis, Corresponding Secretary; and Walt Frazer, Marjorie Malcolm, and Barry Ross, Directors. Continuing on the board with terms expiring June 30, 2015, are Ray King, President; Yvonne Kassatkin, 2nd Vice President; Marilyn Tucker, Recording Secretary; and Susie Freese, Dolores Guffey, Connie Johnson and Jan Turner, Directors. Following the election, Ray presented Library Director Victor Zazueta with an oversized check representing the $31,467 that the Friends have donated to the Library during this past year. Victor thanked all of the volunteers who support the needs of the Library, and then spoke on the “State of the Library”.

FRL 2014 Annual Mtg – More

FRL 2014 Annual Mtg – More

raycentralofcPres. Ray King presented the Community Service Award to the Women of The Central Office—The Copy Center. Lynette Worthington, Terry Davis, and Terri Vanderhoff accepted the plaque and the honor of choosing how the $2000 Friends’ donation to the Library should be
cherylseidnerSusie Freese introduced The guest speaker for the afternoon, Cheryl Seidner, who kept the rapt attention of the audience by telling the story of the Wiyot people. She has been an invaluable spokesperson and activist for this important cause, and she spearheaded the campaign to have the Tulawat Villiage site and about 60 acres of Indian Island returned to the Wiyot tribe.
After a wonderful afternoon, the meeting was adjourned for door prize drawings and refreshments. Thanks go to Eileen Hayhurst, program chair, and everyone who provided food and door prizes, those who attended, and all who helped to make the 2014 Annual Meeting a success.

Vinyl Wow

Vinyl Wow

Two (!) generous donations of vinyl are trickling into Serendipity. Classics, Pop, & Rock

British Invasion 60s
Great condition, with the likes of Chad & Jeremy, etc.
And other Old Gold
Blast from the Past - 80s, 90s
Billy Joel, Carol King, etc. Great condition!
Vintage Children
Pops for Tots

Much of the ‘newer’ stuff is in great condition, practically untouched. The older items are headed to the Aug 8-9 Buck-A-Bag book sale.