Friends of the Redwood Libraries

Vintage Ethnic and Regional Cook Books on Sale

cbethnic1Fresh from the 30s, 40s, and 50s, Serendipity Book Store has a number of vintage cook books with an ethnic and/or regional flavor. See how your favorite dishes were prepared in the ‘Good Old Days’. On sale for just $1 each.



78rpm & 45rpm Records Return To Serendipity

frl45s1409Have you seen the¬†eclectic mix of blues, jazz, pop, and country records, now in Serendipity Book Store? Lots of artists you know, many artists you’ll be happy to stumble across, all singing and playing lost gems from an earlier age. All records just 25 cents each.



Totally Mad Paper Backs

totallymad05sThere are a bunch of Mad paper backs now in Serendipity Book Store. At just 50 cents each, you would have to be Mad not to grab all you can while they last.


Arabic Selection For New Readers

arabic99This is a donation of illustrated Arabic language pamphlets. A notation on the back bills them as ‘Arabic Selection For New Readers’. The subject material appears to be benign, and taken from Sunday school lessons. This is another example of an item that we have no idea how to price, so you can find these three packets of pamphlets on the ‘price it yourself’ Rack in the Back of the Serendipity Bookstore.

All New ‘Old Friends’ in Serendipity

Buddy, can you spare a buck?


What’s old can be new again. Even jet planes have rear view mirrors. Relax, try a little ‘Old Gold’.

‘Freshened’ every week with ‘new’ Friends.

Incoming up top. Book Sale bound at the bottom.



All Vintage Sheet Music 25 Cents Each

specsheetmusicsAt Serendipity Book Store. Thanks to a generous donation of sheet music, we now have several vintage pieces of sheet music with colorful covers of stars of stage and screen, great movies and stage shows, song writers and singers. Many pieces are ready to be framed, or slipped into a picture album.

Classy Art Book Marks for Classy Books

artmark1artmark2When I’m ‘Out and About’, any old piece of paper will do to mark my place for my traveling book buddy. When I’m home, however, I usually have 3 or four books going at the same time, and for the home team I like to use my ‘A’ team of book marks. Thanks to the talents of Dolores Guffey I have a few stellar literary book marks, and thanks to some local artists I have some classy art book marks. Both are available at the Serendipity book store for just $2 each. You get a cool way to hold your place, and you help support your Humboldt library system, a terrific win-win situation.

Mo’ Money for Humboldt Library System!

frlbooksale20140808Here are the results of the Aug 8-9 Buck-A-Bag Book Sale. Thanks to a generous Redwood Community, many books, movies and records were saved from recycle, and funds were generated to help support the Humboldt Libraries. Kudos to all concerned!

And a special thanks to the volunteers who helped make the book sale possible by setting up and breaking down the sales areas, and manned the sales desks.

Rack in the Back Freshened

nameit1snameit2sThe Name Your Own Price rack in the back of Serendipity Book Store has been freshened with new little pocket books and big coffee table books. Lots of new, old, eclectic, and informative books. The perfect little something for your pocket, or great big scenic book for your arm chair travel.

DVD Movie Rack Updates

cdaug1s cdaug2sGot a big donation of DVD from generous neighbors and Library excess – Thanks Neighbors! Thanks Michael! Many on the shelf today, updates all week.