Serendipity Store Tour 1e

serendip04And finally, to the left of the Serendipity door, is our Coffee Table Spinner. It is always a challenge to display large books and small books so they have a chance to be properly appreciated, cherished, and bought. The spinner is the temporary home for plus size books, usually for about a month, picked by the staff as deserving a shot to find a home. As always the picks are eclectic, and usually aggressively priced. We do what we can to make these books irresistible. Nobody wins when they go to recycle.

That is the end of the Serendipity Tour, Part 1. We almost made it in the door. And now a word about our book sales.

Not everything we receive as a donation makes it into the store. When the items in the store do not sell, we send older stock to the book sale. Once a year we have a ‘Buck-A-Bag’ sale. Items that are unsold after the Buck-A-Bag Sale are destined for recycle. For people that love books this hurts. There are always a huge number of collectibles that we have to release, but the old must inevitably make way for the new.

So if you have your eye on something you think you might like, or that someone you know might like, grab it before it gets away. ‘Buck-A-Bag’, August 8-9. Filler-Up!