Nov 22 Raffle Items Part 1

raffleitems_smallIt’s a fabulous line up. The headliner is a handsome Mink Teddy, crafted from a vintage stole. Then there is the big basket of dog goodies from the Farm Store.

Then there is a pool of handsome created by or reconditioned by local Humboldt artists. There is a redwood bowl filled with wooden fruit; a small burl on a stand;  a small wooden vase; a reconditioned windmill music box; a small kokopelli figure; a redwood cheese cutting board with resident redwood mouse; an ironwood duck; a miniature redwood desk and chairs; a redwood burl candle holder; a lizard on a rock; an african acacia mother and child; a parrot of unknown wood; a redwood snoopy and owl figure; a redwood relief; an india wood praying figure; and a pair of oval ironwood picture frames.